SOLO TRAVEL- The best way to find yourself

SOLO TRAVEL- The best way to find yourself

The legendary Greek poet Homerus, narrates in the Odissey the story of the “first nomad”, Ulysses. After the war of Troy, Poseidon, the god of the sea, condemned the mythical hero Ulysses to roam for ten years before going back to his beloved mother land, Ithaca. So the Greek hero ended up catapulted into thousands of vicissitudes and incredible adventures, among cyclops, mermaids and other creatures. He could overcome several obstacles and dangers with his sharp wit and brilliance. After having lost the majority of his companions, Ulysses had to face by himself many (dis) adventures, relying only on his own intuition and instinct. However, I always thought that Ulysses didn’t really want to go back home or at least not that early. Deep down, all that wandering was part of his own nature, which was an unavoidable need that had to be satisfied at all costs. This fascinating  old story teaches how important traveling is. Even better is getting lost, in order to find back our lost way and to become the protagonist of our existential path.  Traveling can help you understand who you really are and what you  want, what you are afraid of and how to face it. Especially when you are traveling on our own.

II When is the time to leave?

There is a moment in our life when we feel like there is something which is not working as it should; when we are trapped in a maze and we don’t know which way to take.  Very often, those fears we never faced come back to the surface, all of a sudden. All those mental schemes, those structures we based our lives on, seems to be uncertain, almost about to collapse and break apart. The issues that we think have no solutions are many, as well as the questions we are not able to answer. It can be very easy to lose track, to fall into the dark. When the compass needle seems to be demagnetize and the boat ends up floating still in the middle of the sea, maybe a new time has come. The time to lift new sails and follow the wind.  The best way to find back themselves and find the answers to the “hard questions” is to pick a destination and buy the ticket for! It’s when everything looks like is blocked, frozen, that is the time to pack and get a trip.

III Why?

Traveling is the most expert teacher of life. There would be lots of life lessons collected during your path; lessons that will be always walk with you, hand by hand. When you start a trip the perception of yourself changes ; you will start feel everything around you in a different way. Especially if you travel solo. For the first time you  are face to face with yourself, as  you were looking at your own image in a mirror, very closely. You are able to see all the details of that reflection.You will find out if you really like that image or not. If you think about it, how much time do you actually spend with your self? The chaos of the daily life, the relationships with people around you, can lead you to lose focus on yourself and on your needs. For this reason, an increasing number of people (like myself!) decides to jump in  solo travel, an adventure on their own. Traveling alone allows you to get to know your authentic nature and to be led by it. Like Ulysses, you will venture into the unknown, ending up in a new adventure in which you can always reinvent your self, shed your skin, be a new spontaneous person. IV Go for a solo trip!

If you decide to throw yourself in a solo trip, you will experience the pure taste of freedom, that same freedom which pushes you to give yourself a challenge. To launch yourself into new adventures and new relations, new friends. There is something that I learnt traveling alone: you have always company. On the path the is always plenty of people and new friends to meet, travelers like you and folks willing to join you on the route. Today technology has made everything easier for all the solo-travelers on the move. There are lots of websites that help folks to gather up and connect while they are traveling. The most famous one is couchsurfing, available on app as well, which let locals host travelers on their “couch” o just meet up and hang out. That’s a great way to make friends! So what are you waiting for? Go pack!

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